Regular scratch card games


Online scratch card games would not exist today without their cousins ​​sold at kiosks and in tobacco shops. Physical scratch cards have indeed existed in France for one hundred years, and it would seem that one French person out of two plays them regularly. The expansion of paper scratch games notably is reflected in all the advertising that the Française des Jeux devotes to them.

Regular scratch card games in France

Scratch cards already existed in land-based casinos of bygone days, but it was well and truly in the United States that they were first commercialized. They could also be found at American newsstands starting in the 1970s. Even at that time a single coin could be used to uncover the secrets on the cardboard spaces where the illustrations were locked up. Initially the sole preserve of the United States, paper scratch cards subsequently met with a rapid trans-Atlantic success, particularly in France.

The speed of the winnings and the immediacy of results that scratch cards procure had a dazzling effect in France. Duly inspired, the state lottery monopoly the Française des Jeux did not pass up the opportunity to market them. New types of scratch card games have since been introduced in France, and more than one in two French persons have been conquered by this enjoyable and expeditious diversion.

Regular scratch card games and simplicity

One must admit that scratch cards on paper are easy to use and inexpensive – in general they don't cost more than 2 euros each. Paper scratch cards are major competitors of a game that exists all over the planet: the lottery, which itself has been marketed by the Française des Jeux for a very long time. As in the context of virtual scratch cards, the consumer has only to freely purchase his scratch tickets, using a coin to then discover his winnings and possibly to cash them in. In just several seconds, the player knows whether he won or lost, and this is certainly what accounts for the high approval ratings of scratch cards.

Scratch card games and the Internet

A multitude of scratch card games is available at newsstands and in tobacco shops. The Française des Jeux has also recently issued some new releases with regard to scratch cards. However, given the expansion of the Internet, one can notice that the paper cards have increasingly tended to give way to virtual scratch cards. This form of entertainment has grown since 2000 and enabled operators to benefit from online games to make a fortune. Scratch card games may have other virtues than money: some scratch cards have been used to raise funds for non-profit associations or to help public bodies to expand.

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