A new game about the Aztecs that is causing a furor on Mega Money Games


Since May, there has been a lot of talk about the new game Secret Jewels of Azteca on the scratch game site Mega Money Games, and this, in the positive sense! Indeed, numerous are the players who have chalked up substantial winnings in this innovative game that is capable of generating a final jackpot of 250,000 euros!

A revolutionary and remunerative game

Not only is Secret Jewels of Azteca a quite revolutionary game in its genre – in actuality the game resembles an exotic wheel of fortune – but it also has the advantage of producing many winners since its launch last month on Mega Money Games. It must be said that what's more, the jackpot that is concealed by this spellbinding wheel is staggering, since as we explained above it can amount to as much as €250,000.

“Secret Jewels of Azteca immerses us in an ambience that is exotic to say the least, in the very heart of a temple belonging to one of the most prodigious civilizations of mankind.”

However, it is obvious that not everyone can afford to spend money trying their luck with Secret Jewels of Azteca. And that's just as well, since the game can be discovered for free on Mega Money Games! To do this, the user has only to visit the website of the operator and create an account. There are absolutely no fees involved! In addition, the user will be able to have fun with all the games featured in the Mega Money Games library.

A financially affordable game

Since it is natural to want to try out casino games for free before playing them, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Mega Money Games. Like many other amusements that are introduced on this site, notably scratch cards, slot machines and table games, Secret Jewels of Azteca places the emphasis on multiple winnings.

Users have the option of betting on five pay lines simultaneously in this game, the wagers being highly variable since they can range from 10 centimes to 20 euros. Be careful, however, because four precious stones are needed to be able to win the jackpot of €250,000, and what's more they all have to appear on one line!

Below is the game that you can play for free!