South America: Eldorado of casinos

If you love gambling, heading to Las Vegas or Macau was the norm. Lately, when you visit any Latin American country for vacation, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that nearly the whole Latam countries have booming casino business that is supporting their economy. In this post, you will learn about playing in casinos as we take you to Casino Buenos Aires. We will also discuss if you can have a free casino game or not and answer a few frequently asked questions.

What Is the Makeup of LATAM Countries and Numbers of Casinos?

LATAM stands for Latin American countries which are, made up of 12 countries. They include Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Guyana. These countries are tourist attractions with diverse places to see and a vast number of casinos for holidaymakers.

Gambling in most of the above countries is rewarding. The Latam countries are touted to have more than 400 casinos, many gaming machines, and table games. Casinos in these countries could equal those in Las Vegas in terms of standards, as most are situated in resorts and hotels with excellent accommodation.

Types of Casinos in Latam Countries

The most popular types there are Roulette, Slot Machines, Poker, Blackjack, and craps, and so forth. In addition to those types, you have online casinos though each country has its law about what is illegal and legal. For example, in Argentina, offline and online casinos are legal. Some notable ones Include Boulevard Casino, Casino Buenos Aires, and Casino Club Garupa. We will focus on Argentina, which has the most massive gambling spots in Buenos Aires.

Casino Buenos Aires

This Casino is positioned on two ships - Star Vessel of Fortunes and Princess with fully functional food service. But you must be 18 years of age to play there. There are more than 120 gaming tables, including over 1,400 slots that you must play either in the Argentinian Pesos or Dollars. The facility has a 24-hour food and shopping center and private poker rooms. The place also has a 24 hours private security.

What is it like to play in a Casino Buenos Aires?

You can play in either of the ships in dollars or Pesos. There is no money exchanger, so you come with either currency to play and purchase chips of any amount you like and play solely in the currency you came with. At the end, you cash out in the money you played with. Let us examine the gaming facilities of the two ships carefully.

Star Vessel of Fortunes Ship

To play, come prepared with either the Dollars or play with the Argentinian pesos. The ship has four tiers with games table and private rooms. You can opt for slot machines, VIP lounges to play with higher notes.

Princess Ship

This ship has multi-value slot machines in both currencies. You can have accumulated jackpots, joined jackpots, or gradual jackpots. If you like to play poker, you have a whole floor where you can do that. The Casino claims it is only in its Princess Ship that you can play Live Poker tournament in the whole of Argentina.

What are the Free games and bonuses available?

If you want to play free casino game app, you can, provided the casinos allow it. However, some casinos will enable you to play it free before you play with money. These are usually the free versions of popular games that gamers can try out. Some casino games include blackjack and slot video poker and roulette.

FAQ & List

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Casino.

Can I play in another currency?

In Casino Buenos Aires, you can either play with Argentine Pesos or US dollars and cash out in the same currency you played in.

Can I use an International Credit card?

You can only make credit dealings in the Argentine Pesos.

How will I be paid?

You can only be paid in the exact currency of the gaming tables and no less.

Very FAQs & List

Is the safety of players guaranteed?

In Casino Buenos Aires, we have 24 hours of private security mounted on both ships for the safety of all players.

Where can you play free casino games online?

You can play in They have a lot of games from which you can select, such as blackjack and baccarat.

Can I play Free Slot games online?

Yes, you can play Dragon Lore slot machines, Legend of elements slot machine and Farm Fortune 2 Slot Machine, and more.