The Bible of the best progressive jackpots


Over the years, software developers have realized that the most attractive prospect for players of their online slot games are the huge jackpots that are attached to any given game. In the same way that Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt already provide their players with progressive jackpots to aim for aside of normal jackpot on the majority of their online casino games, the same can be said of veteran software developers Betsoft and their online slot catalogue.

Microgaming progressive jackpots

Microgaming progressive jackpots are considered some of the most lucrative online, most notably the Mega Moolah progressive. What is especially nice about Microgaming progressive slots is that across some of their games the jackpots are actually linked, so not only are you linked by those playing one game as per a traditional progressive but actually those playing around 5 different slots will all contribute to one huge progressive jackpot too. We wish you the best of luck!

Betsoft progressive jackpots

Although not as large as the jackpots offered by the other online casino software developers such as Microgaming or NetEnt for example, Betsoft do offer attractive enough jackpots on their online slot games to demand some attention. In fact, they’re on offer on both classic online slots and its 3D titles, the Slots3™ range and you’ve probably played on many Betsoft games that have progressive jackpots without even noticing they were available.

With Betsoft online casino games, the jackpot is attached to a single game on a single machine. The advantage is in its simplicity and this can prove a good thing if you’re new to online slot games as it doesn’t require you to have much knowledge of how progressive jackpots work to stand a chance of scooping a big win. The disadvantage with this is that inevitably the jackpots tend to be significantly smaller than say a Playtech or NetEnt progressive that is linked to several machines, an entire casino or even casinos nationwide.

We find these kinds of jackpots perfect for beginners because when you first play online slots it’s good to be able to play without a set of complicated rules on top of everything else and this way you know exactly what is expected of you. What’s also nice is that you’re not competing against other players for the same prize pool, you only have to worry about your game as playing certain progressive jackpots sometimes can give you the feeling that you’re contributing money without ever having a real chance of winning.

Playtech progressive jackpots

Playtech are well known for having some of the best rewards and bonus features for their online casino games. At present they have around 30 progressive jackpots available at every Playtech casino, across games such as the hugely popular Gold Rally with its 9 reels and 8 pay lines, Beach Life, and the Marvel online slot series to name a few. Their games are very entertaining and payout regularly, the biggest payout recently hitting home to the tune of $7.1 million. Below you’ll find the most attractive progressive jackpots that Playtech offers.

Net Entertainment host a wide range of jackpot games across what they call the NetEnt Network. Most if not all of the games offered by NetEnt have some form of jackpot attached to it, either as a local jackpot or a larger networked jackpot. Both the local and networked jackpots are progressive, meaning that each time a bet is made, a small part of that bet is added to the jackpot.

The difference between local and networked jackpots is very simple. A local jackpot is one where the jackpot is tied to one particular online casino, across all or a selection of NetEnt online slots. A networked jackpot is a jackpot that is tied across a number of NetEnt casinos and at the same time across all or a selection of online slot variants. NetEnt’s Networked jackpots are the most attractive of all, with the potential for the prize funds attached to each reaching into the realms of several million dollars apiece.

The most popular Networked NetEnt jackpots would be the Mega Fortune progressive, Hall of Gods and also Arabian Nights. Kept exclusively for online slot games, these three regularly see prize funds that pass over a million dollars and are played by thousands of players on a regular basis meaning these jackpots grow in size extremely fast.

When it comes to NetEnt’s smaller local jackpots, the nice thing about them is that aside of being available through playing online slots such as Icy Wonders or Mega Joker, you can also win them on a variety of other games including Keno and Caribbean Stud Poker. This means no matter what type of games you like to play, there is always a sizeable NetEnt jackpot available on the variants at NetEnt branded casinos.

Rival progressive jackpots

Rival is a smaller software publisher that specializes in slot games but also provides different kinds of table games as well. Overall they offer a well-rounded online casino experience. At present they have 4 progressive jackpots for you to choose from. These are Major Moolah, Money Magic, One Million Reels BC and Strike Gold. Of these 4, Money Magic is probably the most interesting due to it being a video slot and also for the fact it paid out Rivals biggest single jackpot of $300,000. Below you’ll find all 4 of Rivals progressive jackpots and we hope lady luck is with you while you’re enjoying these fantastic games.

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