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Our objective with this site is to be able to provide our visitors with an overview of bonuses of online casinos on English-language sites. We can provide you the best deals thanks to www.oceanbreezepoker.com when you are a poker fan. For other games, we have different partners, like Eija, one of the best Finnish casino players.

We want to explain to you what's behind this endeavor: we are all enamored of gaming, particularly of casino games. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to gaming. At first, we used to frequent terrestrial casinos; later, with the arrival of new technologies and the explosion of online casinos on the Internet, we all found a preference for the comfort of our living room over that of gaming parlors.

But for several years, with the sharp increase in the number of establishments on the web, we no longer knew which way to turn. Which casino to play at? How to tell if it was a good one? With our team of experts, we began to exchange information about the different casinos, and that's how the bright idea emerged of offering you a complete guide that enables you to choose your casino in full confidence and to get the most benefit from the playing time you have. So that you may become fully acquainted with the recommendations and advice, we propose that you visit our partner site: http://www.casino-online-usa.com/.

In short, it is we who are testing out casinos in order to provide you with a precise report about them; and thereafter it is for you and you alone to select the one that seems the most appealing to you. We cannot choose one in your stead, for the plain and simple reason that this decision has to be made on the basis of your profile as a player. But you may rest assured, we have not forgotten anyone:

  • The players who prefer playing in "Fun" mode; that is to say, for free, with no money
  • The players who prefer playing in "Real" mode; that is, playing with their money

We also wanted to develop a portion of our site dedicated exclusively to bonuses! Bonuses are the "rewards" that you obtain for playing at an online casino. And we have noticed over the course of the years that, for the majority among you, this is a determining factor!

There are no-deposit bonuses that are generally offered by casinos at the time of your registration. They will enable you to test out a casino in real mode, and so you can get a further impression after having read our reviews about it. Let’s notice that bonuses are not available in land-based casinos like in Macao for example.

And there are also deposit bonuses, which are calculated on the basis of deposits that you make. They will be directly tacked onto the amount of money just after being deposited and so will expand your starting capital. They also might depend on the method you are going to use such as paypal (more info on http://www.onlinecasino-paypal.net/), neteller or paysafecard.

Finally, together with one of our partners, we offer you the opportunity to consult all the game rules that you will find at the casinos. This guide is a component of the casino city, and you will see that it is quite comprehensive. And for the more ambitious among you, you will even find playing strategies that are worth being studied, for they could result in a rapid increase in your winnings, as remind us Thorn from Netticasinot Website, a great Finnish online guide!

In summary, thanks to onlineuscasino.net, you have a write-up of the best casinos on the net, a guide for finding the most attractive bonuses, and a whole bunch of tips that can significantly improve your gaming.

So be persuaded about it: your casino partner, it's us!